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Rodent Treadmill
Rodent Treadmill
Rodent Treadmill

Rodent Treadmill


• Single or multiple lanes for rats and mice, with individual lane design

• Variable speed mode setting, different speeds can be set in sections

• Equips with precision sensor detection and individual lane programming

• Effective electric shock, pulse electric shock circuit design to avoid blind area

• Adjustable frequency of audio stimulation

• Two kinds of exhaustion mode, time and frequency

• Airpuff stimulation, non-invasive and gentle  

• Upgrade of the detection of air puff energy metabolism is available


• Suitable for Rat and Mouse (Rabbit, Primates can be customized).

• 7 Inch capacitive touch screen: clear display and intuitive interface for experiment setting resolution: 800x480.

• Lanes: Rats: 6 lanes, Mice: 8 lanes, lanes length can be customized 20~80cm.

• Lane slope degree -20° ~20°.

• Closed-loop motor control is adopted, ensure high precision and real-time feedback.

• Speed: 1-100 meter /minute, resolution 0.01m/min.

• Acceleration: Adjustable acceleration in 0.1 meter/minute increments.

• Based on multi-process control programming, a variety of motion modes can be achieved, uniform speed, uniform acceleration, uniform deceleration, acceleration and deceleration mixed mode, etc. 

• Acceleration can be set freely in motion mode in any time, and the. Protocol setting is included in the software and the sectional acceleration can be set.

• Exhaustion mode: time and frequency are available and can be set in the same time.  

• Self-protection mechanism: Treadmill can automatically judge and record the exhaustion time and stop the animal stimulation automatically, effectively protect the experimental animals.

• Sound Level: <120db, Light stimulus: 10000Lux, individual control.

• Power: 110-240V.

• Adjustable current stimulus between 0 – 5 mA, resolution 0.05mA; Stimulus sound frequency adjustable (Optional).

• Power-off protection function, 200 data store.

• Real-time display.

• Data processing: Upload by the self-design software and save in EXCEL; Print directly.