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Motory Coordination
IR Hole Board Test

IR Hole Board Test

The Activity Hole Board Test is used to study the behavior of rodent when facing a new environment (protruding into the hole). By detecting the spontaneous activity of mice/rats, it can be used for new drug screening, pharmacology, nervous system research and Central nervous excitation and inhibition etc.Our IR Activity Hole Board Test consist of analysis software, video monitoring system and IR detection system. Rodent movement trajectory, distance, speed and time can be achieved and analyzed by our software. IR detection system is used to record the number of protruding, initial time, duration and total time of protruding.

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• Open Field Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm x 35cm.

• 16 Holes – diameter 2cm for mice.

• Adjustable height of the sensors.

• Data: movement distance, speed, time, numbers of protruding.

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            SA216            IR Hole Board Test