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Motory Coordination
Running Wheels
Running Wheels
Running Wheels
Running Wheels

Running Wheels

Running wheels, or Activity Wheels, are designed to provide an easy convenient method for measuring laboratory mice or rats’ motor activity over long periods of time, data acquisition system is included. Especially useful for research on circadian rhythms, motor function, aging, energy balance, recovering and pain related exercise.The running-wheel is made of stainless steel, provided with low friction Teflon bushing, for quite smooth action. The wheel is housed in a standard clear polycarbonate cage and a stainless steel wire lid with exclusive locks fasten securely to the cage body. Our running wheel can record both the forward and reverse running data, including the number of turns, distance, running time, and the corresponding average speed in two directions respectively. The data can be collected by connecting to the software and mini-printer to record the activity of the rodents real time. Up to 24 wheels can be connected to the same counter or PC at the same time.

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• Controller with capacitive touch screen to configure and record activity. 

• Animal cage with running wheel. 

 Wheel diameter: mouse 20 cm and rat 30 cm. 

 Water bottle and food holder. 

 External urine tray 

 USB cable

Parameter Setting 

4 Mice or Rats can be conducted at the same time.

Test time: 1 – 9000 minutes.

Auto start and stop schedule setup.

Rotation direction: clockwise or counter clock.

Operating mode: circle counting or distance counting.

Speed: 0.1 – 99.9 r / min with step 0.1 r / min.

Acceleration: 0.1 – 100 r / min 2, uniform acceleration and adjustable acceleration.

Acceleration period 1-4999s.

Data Measurement and Record

Data display: Running time, wheel Revolution, speed.

 Data record: Running time, wheel Revolution, Distance.

Stores up to 200 data sets.

Easy to browse the stored data.

Upload data to PC using a USB cable.


Wheel Diameter30cm20cm
Cage Dimension54*40*38cm38*25*17cm
Turn plate   SizeΦ35*9.5cmΦ20×6cm
Controller   Size35*30*15cm35*30*15cm
Controller   Weight5kg5kg

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           Item No.                      Product
            SA103           Rodent Active Running Wheel          


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