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Tail Flick Test
Tail Flick Test

Tail Flick Test

The Tail flick test is used to measure the nociceptive threshold and variation to infrared heat stimulus on the rat or mouse tail.Basically, a thermal stimulus is applied on the tail of the rodent; when the animal feels discomfort, it reacts by a sudden tail movement. The tail flick reaction time is then measured and used as an index of animal pain sensitivity. Science adopts the IR technology in the thermal stimulus.

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• Suitable for Rat and Mouse.

• 7 inch touch screen display, resolution 800*480.

• Thermal stimulus: infrared strip spot with 20-100W intensity, step in 0.5W.

• CNC frequency modulation ensure the stable thermal intensity.

• Thermal stimulus duration: max 16s (avoid tail burns).

• Timing: manual or automatic photoelectric are available.

• Timing accuracy up to 0.01s.

• 200 data store. Data can be visualized on the control unit display, print out or exported to a PC, then achieve the detailed analysis.

 Equip with Thermal mini printer.

• Overall dimension: 35x30x15cm, weight 6.2kg.

• Power: 110V~220V, 50/60HZ;  voltage: 50W.

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