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Micromanipulator is widely used in experiment required high stability and precision, like patch clamp experiments, extracellular recording, microinjection, intracellular recording, and precision robotic positioning.With vertical overlay design, the forward and backward moving of the axes can be easily adjusted by using with Microscope.Based on our patented transmission technology, it well ensure the long term stability and accuracy during the experiment.

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• Compact overlapping design allows use in tight environments

• The fine rotating arm of the Micromanipulator is located on the same side as other Micromanipulator arm.

• Cross-loaded roller bearings ensure smooth, low friction movement and minimal backlash.

• High accuracy with Micro and Submicron positioning.

• X-axis fine movement: 9.6 mm, resolution 10um.

• X-axis coarse movement: 32 mm, resolution 100um.

• Y-axis horizontal movement: 22mm, resolution 100um.

• Z-axis vertical movement: 20 mm, resolution 100um.

• The base board allows the Micromanipulator to be tilted from 0 to 70° vertically. 

• The optional tiltable X-axis allows the fine axis to be tilted up to 60°.

How to order

Ordering Information

       Item No.                                                  Product Description
       32-0030 Manual Micromanipulator-Left Arm (60° adjust in X2 axis)
       32-0040 Manual Micromanipulator-Right Arm (60° adjust in X2 axis)
       32-0050 Manual Micromanipulator-Left Arm (60° adjust in X2 axis and 70° adjust in base frame)
       32-2060Manual Micromanipulator-Right Arm  (60° adjust in X2 axis and 70° adjust in base frame)
       32-2006Micromanipulator Stand, φ120*25MM, Ø12MM