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Conditioned Place Preference (CPP)
Conditioned Place Preference (CPP)

Conditioned Place Preference (CPP)

Conditioned Place Preference (CPP) experiment is widely used to evaluate psychotropic drug dependence, and it is also an effective tool widely used in drug-seeking behaviors. In CPP animals (rats and mice) were placed in the white observation area of the conditioned place preference box and given psychodependent drugs (such as morphine), and then observed to move in the black and white areas of the CPP box. Each time an animal is in the drug administration zone, it will have a positional preference for black and white areas under the drug's rewarding effect, and the situation is close related to the drug's psychiatric dependence.

FeaturesSpecificationHow to order

• Applicable for Rats and Mice, maximum 16 chambers.

• Tracking module: IR thermal imaging sensor with core recognition algorithm,ensure accurate and reliable multi chamber tracking.

• Anti-clip automatic door open and close, effectively reduce man-made interference.

• Chamber opening and closing speed: 2-8cm/s 

• Closing distance: 1-10cm 

• Opening and closing noise: less than 65dB

• Bottom tactile mode: square grid, round grid, bar grid.


• Independent signal detection control in each box to precise detect the signal in the experiment.

• Independent software operated for separated channel.

• Shuttle passive, learning helplessness are integrated in this software for different experiment.

• Data can be exported to .csv format for further analysis or .pdf format.

• Trajectory charts and bar charts are saved in .jpg format.

• Can be connected with Calcium Imaging, Optogenetic etc..


  Automated CPP for Mouse       Automated CPP for Rat
   Left chamber       20*20*25cm          30*30*37cm
   Middle chamber       8*20*25cm           8*30*37cm
   Right chamber      20*20*25cm          30*30*37cm


Test Parameters:

Total distance(mm)                                                   Average speed (mm/s)

Running time in left chamber(s)                      Running time in right chamber(s)

Time percentage in left chamber (%)                Time percentage in right chamber (%)

Distance in left chamber(mm)                         Distance in right chamber(mm)

Distance percentage in left chamber (%)              Distance percentage in right chamber(%)

Number of times for total shuttle/left chamber /right chamber

How to order

Ordering Information

       Item No.       
         SA213S                     Automated Conditioned Place Preference (1 cage, including Isolation cubicle, CPP cage with automated door, IR thermal     imaging sensor, and software.)