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Self-administration is a common method in behavioral pharmacological, reward-seeking and addiction behavior research. It provides perfect scientific research protocol for the qualitative and quantitative analysis and evaluation of drug psycho-dependence. Based on the positive reinforcement effect of some drugs and under the certain conditions, animals can obtain certain incentive operations after performing the specified actions and steps set by the experimental program, thus behavior and reward can be connected, which is to simulate human drug abuse situation.Our chamber offers everything needed for operant lead self-administration assessments associated with food restriction and intravenous drug administration. It equips with analysis software, controller, a sound-attenuating cubicle with light/fan, a syringe pump system, drug delivery package, a cage with two portlights and retractable levers, a shock floor grid, and two pellet receptacles etc.

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 Our software can supports up to 32 self-administration cages. 
 Each self-administration cages is connected to the controller through latest technology like wireless connection.
 Standard automatic feeding device for convenient rodent training.
 Equip with video monitoring for easy observation. 
• Electric stimulation is optional.




• Software can support up to 32 self-administration cages.

• Independent signal detection control in each box to precise detect the signal in the experiment.

 Each secondary controller comes with various signal indicator, experiment process can be accurately judged through the indicator without opening the insulation box, thus to reduce the human interference.

• Each self-administration cages is connected to the controller through latest technology like wireless connection.

• Simple and easy wire connections.

Sound Attenuation Cubicle & Accessories

• Sound Attenuation Cubicle:  Double hollow PVC board, with multi-layer sound-proof insulation material that attenuates environment disturbance, six sides fire retardant sound insulation board in inner wall. Sound insulation > 35dB.

General size 625 x535 x690mm. Easy to clean, resistant to stains and moisture.

• Fan: Programmable 12V,500MA DC. Used as ambient background noise, can also be used for ventilation, dust cover included.

• Camera: Researcher can observe the animal status and save the experiment video in real time, avoid the negative impact on the experiment caused by opening the door or the window to observe the animal during the experiment.

• Lighting: Power 5w, color temperature 6500K, manually opened.

Test Chamber

Circular hole is equipped in the top cover that allow the tethered drug delivery system and fiber optic EEG electrodes to easily enter the room.

Integrated operant chamber.

• Mouse chamber 20 x 17x 12 cm (width x depth x height)

• Rat chamber 29 x 24 x 23 cm (width x depth x height)

Stainless Steel Grid Floor

• 4mm metal rods, Rat and Mouse have different space, support plantar electrical stimulation. Easy disassemble and clean.

• The grid current ranges from 0 to 4.0 mA, with step 0.01 mA.

• Electric shock duration 1ms-655s, shock interval and duration can be set according to the experiment.

• Transformer transverse current electrical stimulation. The voltage is automatically adjusted according to the dry and wet condition of the animal body surface. Maximum excitation voltage is 250V DC.

• Mouse: 200x200mm, Rat: 250x250mm

LED House Light

• Programmable full color RGB_LED room light, color brightness can be adjusted and can be set to associate with the reward.

Stimulus Light

• Programmable full color RGB_LED stimulation light, color brightness can be adjusted.

Sound Frequency

• Frequency tone  200-5,000Hz frequency; time 0.1~60s. 

• Independent sound frequency and volume control for each chamber.

Pellet Dispenser

Support 20mg or 45mg Bio-Serv pellet, 45 mg pellet dispenser is the default choice. 20mg pellet is available.

• Food detection function to ensure perfect delivery of one standard pellet.

• Support manual feeding training, and manual feeding stop.

• With food shortage feedback function, if no detect after three deliveries, missing food data will be uploaded to remind the researchers to add pellet.

Pellet Receptable Trough

• Modular design, easy disassemble.

• Equip with food drop detection, animals can explore Head Entry Detector.

• Super high food trough opening is optional, to use in the animals with probe.


Fixed ultra-sensitive stainless lever.

• The weight for the mouse 3g, rat 25g.

• Friction shaft, with limit position protection function, non-contact sensor to detect the signal output of the lever.

Programmable Syringe Pump

• For precise administration of fluids and drugs through programmable control.

• Suitable for multiple flow rates continuous or when flow rates need to vary during experiments.

• Applicable on drug testing, catheters flushing, electrolyte therapy, and sucrose gradients etc.

• Injection time is calculated automatically by the speed and the dosage of a single dose.

• Configurable pump speeds 0.5 – 60 RPM.

•  Syringe diameter range: 1-60mm.

• Single dose, range 0.001ml-1ml.

Intravenous Drug Delivery Kit

Drug delivery arm assembly

• Plastic swivel single channel

• Magnetic VAB tether Kit

• PE/PV external catheter

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