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Motory Coordination
Rodent Treadmill
Rodent Treadmill
Rodent Treadmill
Rodent Treadmill
Rodent Treadmill

Rodent Treadmill

The Rodent Treadmill is widely used in the research of physical fitness, endurance, motor injury, motor nutraceuticals, motor physiology, pharmacology, metabolic and cardiovascular research etc. It consists of the main unit, incorporating the drive, the shocker, the control unit with 7 Inch touch screen, the running belt enclosed within a chamber constructed of acrylic and aluminum. The chamber contains a shock grid, which serves as an aversive stimulus to motivate exercise. Two sizes are available in our company, smaller size for mice and a larger size for rats.

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• Individual lane design and programming, which is helpful for easy cleaning and accurate detection.

• A variety of motion modes can be achieved, uniform speed, uniform acceleration, uniform deceleration, acceleration and deceleration mixed mode, etc.

• Speed ranges from 0-100 meter /minute, resolution 0.01m/min.

• Adopts IR sensor for effective pulse electric shock, which ensure avoiding blind area in detection.

• Two kinds of exhaustion mode are available in our treadmill, time and frequency.



• Single or multiple lanes for rats and mice, with individual lane design

• Variable speed mode setting, different speeds can be set in sections

• Equips with precision sensor detection and individual lane programming

• Effective electric shock, pulse electric shock circuit design to avoid blind area

• Adjustable frequency of audio stimulation

• Two kinds of exhaustion mode, time and frequency

• Airpuff stimulation, non-invasive and gentle  

• Upgrade of the detection of air puff energy metabolism is available



• Suitable for Rat and Mouse (Rabbit, Primates can be customized).

• 7 Inch capacitive touch screen: clear display and intuitive interface for experiment setting resolution: 800x480.

• Lanes: Rats: 6 lanes, Mice: 8 lanes, lanes length can be customized 20~80cm.

• Lane slope degree -20° ~20°.

• Closed-loop motor control is adopted, ensure high precision and real-time feedback.

• Speed: 1-100 meter /minute, resolution 0.01m/min.

• Acceleration: Adjustable acceleration in 0.1 meter/minute increments.

• Based on multi-process control programming, a variety of motion modes can be achieved, uniform speed, uniform acceleration, uniform deceleration, acceleration and deceleration mixed mode, etc. 

• Acceleration can be set freely in motion mode in any time, and the. Protocol setting is included in the software and the sectional acceleration can be set.

• Exhaustion mode: time and frequency are available and can be set in the same time.  

• Self-protection mechanism: Treadmill can automatically judge and record the exhaustion time and stop the animal stimulation automatically, effectively protect the experimental animals.

• Sound Level: <120db, Light stimulus: 10000Lux, individual control.

• Power: 110-240V.

• Adjustable current stimulus between 0 – 5 mA, resolution 0.05mA; Stimulus sound frequency adjustable (Optional).

• Power-off protection function, 200 data store.

• Real-time display.

• Data processing: Upload by the self-design software and save in EXCEL; Print directly. 

• Treadmill size details as below:

5 lanes5 lanes
Overall size: 69.5x69.5x42.5cm (27.3x27.3x16.7 inch)Overall size: 69.5x69.5x44cm (27.3x27.3x17.3 inch)
Running belt size: 69.5x69.5x34.5cm (31.3x27.3x13.5 inch)Running belt size: 69.5x69.5x34.5cm (31.3x27.3x13.5inch)
Lane size: 61x8.5x15cm (LengthxWidthxHeight)Lane size:61x11.5x16.5cm (LengthxWidthxHeight)
Independent Lane ControlIndependent Lane Control
Shock grid size: 12x6cmShock grid size: 12x12cm
Speed: 1-100 meter/minute
Lane slope degree -20° ~20°
Acceleration: Adjustable acceleration in 0.1 meter/minute increments
Adjustable current stimulus 0.005 – 5 mA
Treadmill controller: 22x22x32.5cm (length x width x height), weight: 7kg 
Clear, removable acrylic maze walls and an aluminum frame

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