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Startle Reflex System
Startle Reflex System

Startle Reflex System

Startle Reflex System Reference: HDBiosciences, Hangzhou Seventh People's Hospital etc.


• Applicable for Rats and Mice, maximum 16 chambers.

• Adopts user-friendly graphical interface settings, experiment building and modification can be achieved by clicking the icon or picture directly. 

• Sound, light, electricity and tactile stimuli occur simultaneously or in serial, and can be freely combined. Available for Habituation, Pre-pulse Inhibition(PPI), Potentiated Startle or user-defined experiments.



• Speaker: Raise and lower volume based on intrachamber volume (from the detector), 

• AI detection, real time sound intensity display.

• White Noise Generator included in default Software, include WhiteNoise and NWhiteNoise.

• Specify the duration of time and Hz of white noise, duration 1~10000ms, Max 130db.

• Pure sound stimulus: duration time 1~ 10000ms, frequency range 31~18000Hz, Max 130db. intensity can be set by software.

Shock Grid

• 0.1-4.0mA in 0.1mA steps

• DC Current.

• Removable Grid.

• Frequency: 1000Hz, 1ms per time.

• Full digital control, scramble-frequency constant electrical stimulator makes it no rule in animal side.

Tactile stimulation

• The intensity of stimulation can be adjusted by adjusting the pressure of the compressed gas cylinder.


• Independent signal detection control in each box to precise detect the signal in the experiment.

• Independent software operated for separated channel.

• Data transmission by 100M Ethernet through experiment chamber to PC, which ensure high reliability.

• Data can be exported to .csv/.doc format for further analysis.