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Motory Coordination
IR Open Field Test
IR Open Field Test
IR Open Field Test
IR Open Field Test
IR Open Field Test

IR Open Field Test

The open field test is a popular protocol used to assess exploratory behavior and anxiety in rodents. Thigmotaxis in the open field is used to evaluate anxiolytic, anxiogenic and non-pharmacological treatments as well as genetic manipulations. Ambulation is the most common behavior studied with the open field, but others such as latency or rearing can also be measured. Our IR open field testing system adopts dynamic scanning infrared detection technology, detection accuracy is less than 5mm; Compared to video tracking, our system is not affected by the color of the animal, channels numbers, and ambient light to ensure stable tracking.

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Sensor Detection• Dynamic scanning infrared detection technology
• Accuracy:<5mm
• Height adjustable
Chamber• 1 chamber, multiple chambers are available
Data achieved• Activity area: Total distance, total number of stand, numbers of single stand, total stand time
• Central area: distance, average speed, number of stand, total number of stand, numbers of single stand
Height adjustable
Data display• Real-time curve for animal movement trajectory
• Real-time data, including position coordinates, running distance accumulation, average speed, standing times, etc.
• Real-time data conclude like running distance in current area, average speed, times of entering the area etc
Data exportAll data or data of a certain period can be processing and exported, save in .xls format and .jpg format of trajectory.
Material•Transparent superb acrylic, black or white base plate, aluminum alloy base
Dimension• Controller: 21cm x 21cm x 8cm
• Inside chamber: 45cm x 45cm x 40cm
• Overall chamber: 50cm x 50cm x48cm

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           SA215S            IR Open Field Test/Motor Activity Test             



Open Field

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