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Metabolism Monitoring System
Metabolism Monitoring System

Metabolism Monitoring System

The small animal metabolism monitoring system has the advantages of real-time statistics, automation, and high accuracy, which greatly improves the efficiency of drug research and development and basic life science research, and fundamentally reduces the data bias and error caused by manual operation.The Metabolic Cage is used to collect and separate rodents’ urine and feces and allows measurement of their food and water intake for qualitative and quantitative studies. Short term and long-term monitoring are available. It is common use in pharmacology, pharmacodynamics, toxicology, nutrition, obesity metabolism, diabetes, cardiovascular, transgenic, geriatric disease and other research.

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Device Introduction

lMetabolite separation: PVC material separator, separate urine and feces accurately, convenient for urine and feces biochemical analysis. 

lGas metabolism module: Gas metabolism module is optional, for analyzing animal oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production. 

lMonitoring of Drinking/Eating: High-precision sensors, accurate to 0.01g, real-time detection of animal drinking and eating in different periods. 

lSpecially food trough, food net, barrier bar design to prevent food spilling and excrement mixed. 

lFood and water can be added at any time without interrupting the experiment, and easy to disassemble and clean. 

lPrecise sensor with accuracy 5mm; and can conduct multiple channels of metabolism monitoring. 

lMetabolism device equips with ultra-quiet cryogenic module for storage of metabolite, preventing urine volatilization, biochemical reactions and the decomposition of compounds.

Software Introduction

lSoftware can supports up to 12 metabolism cages. 96 can be customized. 

lAutomatically calculates the activity based on the animal’s movement trajectory. 

lPosition tracking adopts depth classification model and position sensitive model algorithm, which achieves high-speed and accurate tracking effect, with detection accuracy 5mm. The activity of the rodent can be counted separately in X, Y, Z axis, total activity and separate activity of each axis can be counted and the number/time of standing can be recorded. 

lAutomatically records and displays the data in real time, users can review freely. 

lData analysis, screening, user-defined time section analysis, one-click data result export can be achieved by our software controller.

lAnimal information can be edited freely, containing group, gender, age and weight.


Parameter Record

lNumber of standing                            lNumber of drinking/eating

lTime of standing (accuracy 0.1s)         lTime of drinking/eating (accuracy 0.1s)

lFrequency of drinking/eating              lVolume of drinking/eating


How to order

Ordering Information

           Item No.                              Product
            SA104       Rodent Metabolic Measurement System