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Rodent Metabolic Cage

Rodent Metabolic Cage

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• The unique funnel and cone design of our metabolic cage ensure urine not be contaminated or enter the   feces tube, thus achieves well separation and collection of feces and urine. Separation is immediate and complete.

• Feeder Chamber is locating outside the cage. Size discourages rodent nesting or sleeping inside.

• The food chamber drawer slides out for easy filling without disturbing the animal, and easy to disassemble and clean.

• The collection funnel and separation cone adopt a unique design to ensure direct and complete separation of feces and urine.

• The urine and feces collection tubes are made of PSU material and can be changed at any time during the experiment. Be applicable of 134℃ 20mins steam sterilization.

• Urine freezing storage device and automatic time-sharing collection device are available.


Rat: 290*290*550mm  

Mouse: 220*220*550mm

Cage Rack: 310*310*550mm 

• Components:

Rat/Mouse cage                 Feeder chamber       Feeder chamber drawer      Cone transfer counter

Cone separation device      Metabolic cage        Collection funnel                 Kettle & kettle support

Rodent support grid           Water funnel            Urine container

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      Item No.     
              Product Description               
       SA105R           Metabolic Cage for Rats
       SA105M           Metabolic Cage for Mice