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Sucrose Preference Test (SPT)
Sucrose Preference Test (SPT)
Sucrose Preference Test (SPT)

Sucrose Preference Test (SPT)

The Sucrose Preference Test (SPT) is a simple behavioral test widely used to assess motivation, depression (and anhedonia) and related emotional states in rodents. In SPT test, rodents typically exhibit a natural preference for palatable sweet solutions, and it is therefore assumed that such preference is correlated with the pleasure an animal experience when it consumes sucrose.This SPT system features real-time statistics, automation and high accuracy, which greatly improves the efficiency of drug research and reduces the data bias and error caused by manual operation.Our SPT system record the total drinking time and times, liquid weight and other indicators in real time in free moving animals, and multi-channels can be conducted at the same time.Application: Pharmacology, Pharmacodynamics, Toxicology, Nutrition, Obesity Metabolism, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Transgenic etc.

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•  One channel can record 2 drinking water status at the same time.

•  Our software can support a maximum 256 channels SPT.

• Weighting accuracy 0.01g, long-term 0-point drift less than ±0.05g.

• Drinking times can be set to a single time threshold 0-10000ms, deduct temporary pseudo-drinking data.

• Double high precision sensors (photoelectric sensors and weight sensors) to detect water-drinking events, ensure the accuracy of event detection and ensure the accuracy of timing. 

•  Equipped with 100ML water bottle (applicable for both rats and mice). The bottle provides the animal continuous 4-5 days or longer drinking. Water change can be conducted in the middle of the experiment, just clicking the button on the software interface.

• Data Record

Total drinking times channel 1          Total drinking times channel 2

Total drinking time channel 1            Total drinking time channel 2

Liquid weight channel 1                    Liquid weight channel 2

• Animal information: Name, Group, Age, Sex

• Histogram display

Total drinking times channel 1        Total drinking times channel 2

Total drinking time channel 1          Total drinking time channel 2

Curve graph display:

Liquid weight channel 1            Liquid weight channel 2

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           SA104T          Sucrose Preference Test                        


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